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Mikroskopie und histologische Färbungen
Immunsera, Antikörper
Markermoleküle, Konjugate
Immunfärbung, andere Ligandendarstellung
Auswahl von Färbeprotokollen
Spezifität, Kontrollreaktionen
Reagenzien und Reagenzlösungen
Angewandte Zellmarkierung  

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The microscope as a scientific tool

Wolf D. Kuhlmann

Labor - Diagnostik - Beratung, 56112 Lahnstein, Germany
MVZ für Laboratoriumsmedizin Koblenz-Mittelrhein, 56068 Koblenz, Germany

Research and many applications in life science including biology, biotechnology and medicine rely on molecular recognition patterns. The identification of histological structure of organs is one aspect, and recognizing the basic mechanisms of life is another aspect. Thus, a wide range of instruments and application techniques are needed. A main topic of structural analysis is covered by microscopical imaging from the nanometer to the millimeter scale. In this context, molecular labelings with specific probes are predominant.